Frequently asked questions:

Q:What is the cost to rent a villa / apartment?
Prices will generally depend on the location, season, size of property, or no. bedrooms required. We offer villas / apartments starting from around $300 USD per night up to $6,000 USD per night and various prices in between.
Q:Is there a minimum night stay?
Yes – Depending on the villa / apartment. For example there is usually a minimum stay of between 3-5 nights. During peak holiday periods, minimum stay is usually between 10-14 nights.
Q:Are weekly rates offered?
No – All rates are on a nightly basis.
Q:Can we hire a cook while we are there?
Most villas will supply a personal chef to prepare your meals. You would only have to pay for groceries (plus a service charge). Some villas may offer the option of adding cook services where none are included; costs vary.
Q:Is Internet access available?
Most of villas / apartments will provide free Internet access. Connection speeds may vary. Please check the property information page or contact us directly.
Q:How do I arrange for transportation?
In most cases transportation to and from the airport is included in the booking and arranged by the property manager. Some villas may offer a vehicle and driver during your stay. (Additional costs may apply)
Q:How far is the beach?
This will depend on the location of the villa / apartment. The beach may be private, right outside your door, a short drive away, or a short walk.
Q:How do we make payment?
In most cases payment will be invoiced by the villa management company or villa owner. Payment is normally by bank transfer, some villas may also offer Pay-Pal.
Q:Are the photos shown for each villa / apartment the exact property we would be staying in, along with the views etc.?
Yes – All of the villas listed have their own pictures that represent that exact property. Some decoration may vary however we do our best to ensure the pictures provide to us by the property manager or owner are up to date.
Q:Do you own the villas / apartments listed on your website?
Q:Do you manage any of the villas / apartments listed for rent
No – All the villas / apartments are managed independently we only act as the booking agent. All property information, guest services, are provided by the property management company or property owner.
Q:Do you inspect the villas / apartments listed on your website?
We do not inspect every villa. We may visit villas from time to time but we do not provide any guarantee of inspection. All information is provided by the property management company or owner.
Q:If we have any issues about the villa / apartment who should we contact?
Should an issue arise during your stay you should contact the property manager or owner at the property. You should also inform us by email so we are aware of any issues. Contacts are provided to you when you book.